The Almighty “Assault Stick”


Funny thing about the word “assault”.  It happens to be primarily used as a verb and not an adjective.  It can also be used as a noun that represents an action.  This is why I find the use of “Assault” in addition to “Weapon” or “Rifle” to be an incorrect usage of the word.  My rifle has never assaulted anyone nor has it ever left my home on it’s own.  It has never plotted against or threatened anyone either so I’m not sure how it came to be known as  an “Assault Rifle”.  Now, I on the other hand, have assaulted plenty of things with it.  But I have also assaulted things/people with my fists, a hammer, a shovel, a brick and even a stick (all in my youth 😉 ).  So, along the same line as the gun grabbers and others that wish to remove my Second Amendment rights by barring me from purchasing/owning a weapon that looks a specific way, I suppose they should probably ban the “Assault Stick”.  If they are going to do that, please be sure to send a large crew to my home to remove them all from my yard.  The pecan trees are constantly shedding them.  🙂